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Generate Blog Title, Blog Description and Usernames for FCS-TurboWeb2.0

I, like many(if not all) SEOs, use web 2.0 sites as my T1. For this purpose I use both FCS Netwoker and Turbo Web 2.0 which are widely popular solutions. When creating the accounts in both FCS and TW2 there are fields for which no automatic generator currently exists and can be easily filled by SEO CM. These fields are:

Blog Title

Blog Description


All of those fields have to be spintax format. If SEO CM can generate content for these fields automatically it would be the first tool to do that, and I'm certain that a LOT of SEOs will find this very useful.

Here is an example of how these are currently being generated in the FCS Account Creator automatically:



Blog TItle:

{{Interesting|Fascinating|Intriguing|Exciting|Useful|Helpful|Unique|Significant|Important|Remarkable|Attention-grabbing|Engaging|Captivating|Insightful|Beneficial|Compelling|Fantastic|Unusual|Worthwhile|Quite Interesting|Informative|Amazing|Stimulating|Enlightening|Thrilling|Cool|Great|Challenging|Motivating} {Thoughts|Ideas|Feelings|Views|Thought Processes|Opinions|Beliefs|Thoughts And Feelings|Insights|Musings|Reactions|Concepts|Points|Thinking Patterns|Insights And Beliefs}|{|The} {Article|Post|Write-up|Report|Document|Content|Posting|Information|Blog Post|Writing|Editorial|Commentary|Story|Publish|Material|Blog|Item|Articles|Paper|Text|Essay|Statement|Topic} {Collection|Selection|Assortment|Series|Variety|Group|Set|Gallery|Catalogue|Gathering|Accumulation|Arrangement|Compilation|Collections|Stockpile|Library|Archives|Path|Array|Chain|Wire|System|Block}|Bessies {Blog|Weblog|Website|Blog Site|Web Site|Site|Blog Page|Webpage|Web Log|Web Page|Blog Website|Web-site|Journal|Web Blog|Page|Writings|Thoughts|Web Resource|Ideas|Articles|Opinions|Thoughts|Ideas|Feelings|Views|Thought Processes|Opinions|Beliefs|Thoughts And Feelings|Insights|Musings|Reactions|Concepts|Points|Thinking Patterns|Insights And Beliefs}}

Blog Description:

{{Blog|Weblog|Website|Blog Site|Web Site|Site|Blog Page|Webpage|Web Log|Web Page|Blog Website|Web-site|Journal|Web Blog|Page|Writings|Thoughts|Web Resource|Ideas|Articles|Opinions} {On|About|Regarding|Concerning|Relating To|On The Subject Of|With Regards To|On The Topic Of} {Anything|Something|Anything At All|Everything|Nearly Anything|Whatever|Just About Anything|All Sorts Of Things|Things|Most Things|Almost Everything|Almost Anything|Every Little Thing|Every Thing|All Things}|{Articles|Posts|Content|Reports|Article Content|Articles And Reviews|Content Pieces|Web Content|Well Written Articles|Publications|Information|Blog Posts|Expert Articles|Articles And Other Content|Stories|Reviews|Written Content|Resources|Writing|Blogposts|Blog Posts And Articles|Information Articles|Writings|Superbly Written Articles|Useful Resources|Useful Guides|Expertly Written Content|Pages|Articles And Blog Posts|Essays} {For|With Regard To|Regarding|Pertaining To|Intended For|Designed For|Meant For|Just For|Available For|Suitable For|Concerning|Relating To|To Suit} {Everyone|Everybody|Every Person|Anyone|All People|Absolutely Everyone|All Of Us|Most People|Almost Everyone|Anybody|Every Body|Nearly Everybody|Each Person|Everybody Under The Sun|Each Of Us|Just About Everyone|Just About Every Person|Every Single Person|Each And Every One|Every Individual|Men And Women|One And All|You|All Of You|Any One}}

The problem with this automatically generated content is:

1. They are completely generic, not niche related - which is a big problem

2. All of the users of FCS use the same generated content, especially blog title and they get overused - which is even a larger issue

What SEO CM can do better is generate them niche specifically. For example if I put dog training as the keyword in SEO CM and choose turbo web 2.0(or fcs account creator) as the format to generate articles it can should generate something like:

username: {dogtrain|dogs|doggie|traindogs|dogstrainer}{1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|0|}{1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|0|}

Blog TItle: The {Only|Best} {Place|Blog|Site} for {Dog Training|Training Dogs}

Blog Description: A {Blog|Site} about {Dog Training|Training Dogs}. {Learn|Find} new {stuff|things} {about|for} {Dog Training|Training Dogs}

It's a rough example, but you get the point.

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SCM Posted 3 years ago

SCM can already generate most of these fields, see GSA SER template.

Title: Easy just use <<all-title>>

Username: Up to personal preference really. You could say that a keyword in the username is very very likely to get you blog sticking out as spam.

Blog Desc: Its a one liner, A site about "my keyword" as above, or you could just use a random keyword.

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