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Find and Replace Specific Words

Hello there,

Thank you for being very close to the users and applying all the changes we think are needed to the software.

This is something that has been requested about a year ago but you chose not to implement it.

Having a simple dash in the "Generate Articles" Module that will replace each word with another (or a phrase with another phrase) in the output file will greatly increase the uniqueness and the readability of the article.

We use your software to create thousands articles everyday.

We tried many ways to search and replace with a batch but this is increases the cpu of our vps very much cause it makes search and replace to thousands articles everyday.

So it would be a great if you add this simple dash which will make the search and replace while the article is being created..

The added value of this feature to your software is very high and will make all the articles much more unique, much more readable and the most important much more easy to index by google. Which is the most difficult part for all the software scrapers.

Also i think the majority of the users will use it.

Thank you in advance,

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SCM Posted 3 years ago

Coming in

Its simple regex replace module.

If you have a list that you want to load in please let me know.

We can think of format where you can easily paste in words instead of typing each word out.

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photo Employee

So another tab that acts as a find-replace tool that runs on each article while its been created right?

I can add a regex find-replace module, but I need to know more about how complex you want the data replacement to be,

Maybe an example?


Hello again,

1. Word Example:

FIND: car REPLACE: big car

2. Phrase Example:

FIND: big blue car REPLACE: small fast car

I think this process should be done after the spinning stage and before the writing files to disk stage.

Did i help you understand a little more ?

Please if i can help you more just shoot with questions.. :-)


Looks great. Thanks you so much mate.

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