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Different article creator tasks should not use same content as other tasks

Right now if i have let's say 2 article creator tasks with 2 different keywords, but similar ones, for example "green tea" and "green tea recipes" and some of the top 100 results are same for both, the SCM will use that identical content to create articles. It only keeps a tab on uniqueness within a task not on all of them together. This is bad as i am using duplicate peaces of content on my site this way.

It should have an option whereby i can choose only unique content and URLs to be scraped for all tasks.

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Yes this is big issue. I noticed too. wanted to build a site about pizza recipes and some of my keywords were pretty similar such as "pizza recipe", "pizza recipes", "pizza crust recipe" so a lot of results were the same in google. So SCM article creator did not scrape only unique results for all only scrapes unique within one task....NOT GOOD FOR SEO PURPOSES. Maybe the creator could fix this...would be great if all 100 results scraped for each task would be unique from all other tasks too.

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Is there any reason why you don't have both keywords in the same task?

Also you will find if there was this option, that there probably isn't enough content left for other tasks.

Keep scraping at sentence level + word spinning.

Its more than unique enough.


The reason why i don't put more keywords within one task is because the resulted content will not be as good and will not make enough sense since will be created from parts of articles that belong to multiple keywords. Whereby if you use one keyword per task then the article quality will be better, since the articles will be formed from results belonging to same exact subject.

And there would be enough content for other tasks if the bot would scrape 100 unique results for each even if this would mean scraping more then just the top 100 google results. If for example in the top 100 results only 70 would be unique compared with other tasks then the bot could continue the scrape to top 150 results or whatever it takes to get another 100 unique ones. Or even better there could be an option to choose how many unique results we need per task max being 100. Maybe for some people only 50 or so would be enough.

I own many sites built on same principle and using same sentences/paragraphs over multiple articles within same website will only decrese the ranking a lot.

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