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Command Line Option - SCM Crashing with large keyword lists

SCM is a content creation tool, and not all content is used for link building, some is

used for PBN, some for special sites, etc, where we have large number of

keyword and we need optimized content for each keyword.

Here is the problem, when having a large list of >70000 keywords, it’s impossible to

group them and create few tasks, so only solution we have is to make a task

template and bulk create tasks for each of the 70k keywords

Last days I tried anything, I even allocate

full server resources to windows where SCM was running, but every time SCM does

crash. And for the time it’s up, it’s slow like crazy.

I’m doing

much more huge tasks with other tools, where I load >100k keywords and they

scrape google for all, and never had any problem, all on same server.

I said, well it’s maybe only my problem, but I asked a friend to test his scm with 70k

keywords. Same problem.

Not to

mention that for 70k keywords/tasks it will get a lot of time for scm to

finish, that’s why I asked for the “Advanced Proxy Solution” , “Global content

cache not just per task”, “Limit Number of Google Results”

Not sure

why SCM does behave like this but clearly it does it and it’s impossible to use

it for huge tasks.

As I notice

this happens only when adding that number of tasks, but strange is that scm

does run only 1 at a time, so why does it crash.

ACW has an

interesting solution that may help SCM power users ( I don’t use it anymore) ,

it’s called “Command Line Options”, and maybe you can think about implementing

it you can take a look here


we can create on task for huge keyword list and direct SCM to scrape google

search for each keyword

Or any

other solution is great

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SCM Posted 3 years ago

SCM now uses IE to contact google search, so crashing on large keywords list is less likely.

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