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Auto insert links using percentages

When i make articles i would

like to have more of some kw than others.... but the scm makes random i have to edit after each article in order to rise the kw

links im trying to rank,,,you know...

little box beside each kw backlink...or just a code something like %30% besides each kw

for example to the left goes the domain link right?...and to the right the kw to put on backlinks right??

so meybe couldbe something like this kw1%30%



so the number inside this %here the number% set up the percentage ....some like

so if i set to put 2-4 links per

article...scm do the math and determine the entire links on all

articles and then set the % for each kw.....

not 40% of articles i mean 40%

of entire links...for example if i make 100 articles and then i count

the links inside ,,lets say the total are ...190 links.... the 40% of

190 links ..has to be a specific kw....

your idea is to make just 40

articles of 100 with the same link and then i got the the % im looking

right?..but then i have to split the articles cos if i put the 40

articles or the first 20 articles in one blog... well

the thing is there is not diversity of links.... just the same spam.... other way i can upload any articles to any blog and

i know i have diversity but i know that i have more of the kw im


for example scm you set a

random link entry 2-4 links on each before scm makes the

articles..scm have done the random math...for example a total of 210

links btw all articles..this way we can make percentages

easy... and then put the links....

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